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Welcome to our home page!Thank you for your interest and we wish you a useful time visiting our website. In the followings you will have an insight into our product portfolio, our references, our methods of work and our certifications.

With our past of 25 years, in 2015, we can proudly say that we have become a global supplier in various industrial markets, with main emphasis on the amusement industry market. In the past years we have successfully made use of the characteristics that made us one of the best-selling manufacturers for our customers being active in the markets of track and chassis systems, hydroelectric power plants, manufacturing of generators, fixed-track transportation equipment, manufacturing of cranes, the aircraft and spacecraft industries and special machinery equipment. A good division of work between our premises in Budapest, Hungary, and Piešťany, Slovakia, enables us to meet the market's requirements.

Engineering Task

Engineering fulfills a role in manufacturing comparable to the role of salt in a soup. Without this activity, we would not be able to transpose the complexity of our products into manufacturing. Although it is an old and dusty saying, it is still true: high quality manufacturing starts with engineering.

The continuous possibility to solve technical problems on drawings in a competent way is complemented with our experience of 25 years in manufacturing. We can implement this using the latest software, such as Pro-engineer, Inventor, AutoCad and Solide Edge, providing even full 3D capabilities, which has become indispensable. It can be ensured only with precise technical preparations performed on computer that the most complicated constructions become manufacturable at a high quality level. We can prepare product and component designs ourselves for all structures manufactured by STAKOTRA. In this way, it can be 100% ensured that the final product can be manufactured in compliance with the clients' wish.


Custom-made products need manufacturing that can fully take the client's requirements into consideration, with technological capacities that can ensure the freedom of creativity and economy. When these conditions meet with the highest expertise of the employees in respect of the work processes, such as welding or pre-assembly, this will result in a value added that will have a truly durable value in the market. It is such a manufacturing that you can find at STAKOTRA, regardless at which premises the production takes place. Certain elements of the manufacturing process can be found at both premises without any limitation.

Blasting / preparing

Depending on the depth of processing, basically all raw materials (sheet, profile, pipe) are cleaned of dirt, rust and all pollution by an automatic blasting equipment.


We have all the necessary machinery to perform cutting of the raw materials. Cutting torches and plasma cutting tables, cold cutting saws for cutting profiles and special CNC-controlled cutting torches for 3D shaping of pipe ends with preparation for weld.


We can roll, arch and bend sheets, profiles and pipes. Our specialty is 3D bending of pipes, which is essential for the manufacturing of track for roller coasters.


The fitting of products starts with the basis. That is why we use precision fitting tables and equipment in our plants. It is only in this way that we can produce large components with very tight limits of tolerance.


Welding is unquestionably one of our strengths and will remain to be so. The faultless welding of geometrically complicated components with dynamic load, with a very high demand of precision and in various material qualities, is performed practically as an artistic performance. Doing the appropriate non-destructive tests in-house is almost self-evident.


We are able to perform machining of products of up to 50 tons per piece and achieve the tolerances required by our clients. We have several horizontal machining equipment (max. size/piece: 14,500x2,900x1,600), vertical lathes (max. size/piece: D7,000x2,900) as well as smaller auxiliary machines.

Surface protection

Direct blasting before painting is performed in special booths manually. We can achieve in this way SA 2.5 surface cleanness level and the paint adhesion specified by our clients which we apply on the surface using airless technology. Our own paintshops can be heated, of course, and comply in all respects with the relevant environment protection regulations.

Test assembly

We often produce complicated pieces, which would be too risky to deliver without test assembly. Or, in other cases, it is much more economical to perform assembly on the site of installation if certain larger parts are already assembled and even tested in our plant environment. For such operations, we have several assembly halls, including one, which is 120 m long and has an inner height of 12 m.

packing / loading

The usual method of packing is wooden pallet and plastic strapping. But special pieces often need special packing. So we also regularly pack components in containers and in vacuum foil. For smaller components of high value, we make wooden boxes.


Transportation takes place on public roads in 90%, from the manufacturing facility to the final destination (motorways are within 2 km from our plants), but we have already arranged ship transportation on the Danube to Hamburg. If necessary, we can also deliver our products by rail.


  • Blasting / preparing
  • cutting
  • shaping
  • Fitting
  • Welding
  • Machining
  • Surface protection
  • Test assembly
  • packing / loading
  • delivery


In today's global world, certificates are like passports to the global markets; they are not visas, but the product cannot even enter a market without them. STAKOTRA has several of them.


Look for vacancies here. All applications submitted to us will be welcome. Please upload your application together with your CV.

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